Brand Identity

Logo Design is arguably the single most important design choice you will make. Your logo is the face of your business, It’s the first thing your customers see and evokes an immediate sense of who and what your business is. It is also the design that tends to have the longest lifespan and will stick with you for many years to come.

A logo is also more than just a recognisable face for your business – it can be a status symbol (think Nike or Chanel), it can be trendy, it can be corporate, funny or in the right circumstances – even silly! A good logo should immediately spark interest in your intended audience.

Don't settle for less

We understand that starting or revising a business can be stressful and that time is so valuable in the busy world we live in. This is where Stealth Design is invaluable. We assess your business, the competition, your target audience, colour schemes, font choices and everything in between to bring you the perfectly designed logo.

Using our research data, we are able to provide completely custom logos that represent you and your business, giving you a a truly tailored experience.

Various Formats

Supplied in various formats as needed ready for web, print and sign applications

Vector Files

Scale your logo to ANY size without distortion for a truly versatile solution

Colour Options

Receive your logo on a transparent or coloured background

Yours to keep

When we make a logo - it's yours. All of the rights go to the client