We have helped take businesses of all sizes to unforeseen heights with our unique marketing strategies.


We help businesses clarify their purpose, voice and goals while solving their problems through marketing.


A businesses brand is their personality and values that should align and resonate with their customers.


Creative advertisements, effective web design and memorable print collateral are just the beginning.



The stealth team is always keen to tackle new and challenging projects

Helping businesses and brands of all sizes and industries recognise, act upon and achieve their goals.



Forming solid relationships and producing continuous successful clients

We have not only worked with hundreds of happy clients but have developed solid, long lasting relationships.


years experience.

We are pleased to be pushing two decades of industry experience

When experience matters - stealth has plenty.  Extensive exposure into many industries offers deeper insight and wisdom.

the team.

Our team boasts a beautiful alliance of minds and skillsets, offering a well rounded comprehensive group of professionals.

steve davis.

Brand Strategist | Creative Aficionado

The ever-evolving brand monarch. Ever wanted an enthusiastic and ambitious provocateur of ideas, a creative pioneer with a need to reach 0-100 as quickly as possible? Captain Stealth is the dynamic team leader responsible for the squad of professional misfits and serves as project manager for all things web and creative.

matt deAngelis.

Marketing Analyst | Advertising Trailblazer

A swiss-army knife of creativity. Ever wanted a passionate pro, wrapped in a floral shirt, spouting pop culture and marketing strategy by the bushel? No, you don’t, but you’ve got him and you’ll forgive his faults once you see the runs on the board  and the care and passion he absorbs for your brand.

Eldin Didic.

Web & App Development | Coding Guru

A driven practitioner of all things code. Demonstrating an outstanding ability to provide advanced and technical integrations across a multitude of applications. An expert in PHP, Python, SQL, NodeJS, Javascript, HTML and CSS. Eldin also posesses the Paul Rudd effect and we question if he is secretly a vampire since he hasn’t aged a day since 2010.

sascha buttgereit.

SEO | Lead Generation

Responsible for making your website perform! Once a website is complete, you need to get the right eyes on your business – this is where Sascha is invaluable. Responsible for driving sales, leads and web traffic via the power of Search Engine Optimisation. An expert in the Google platform and associated technologies.

scott mitchell.

Moving Media | Keen Snapper

Video and photo for the masses. Ever wanted cutting edge and high energy creative media that is cooler than the other side of the pillow? Of course, you do! Scott is the resident Spielberg of the bunch, photographer and comical scando observer. Scott is responsible for capturing your business, product or personality in action or static form.

veronica davis.

Accounts | Flower in the concrete

Delightful and vastly overqualified. Ever wanted your invoices produced methodically and swiftly on time and every time, books reconciled and prepared ready for tax time each and every quarter? No, you don’t really care but Veronica helps stealth keep rolling and works behind the scenes. You’ll never have been happier handing over your hard-earned after a job well done when dealing with Veronica.

“Ignoring marketing is like opening a business and not telling anyone”.

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